Saturday, September 01, 2007


Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've updated this blog, and it's about time I put some new work up, right?

This one was created after playing alot of Guitar Hero 2 on my xbox 360. It is eventually going to be made into a promotional postcard that I can send out to potential clients (and I'll tell ya I've been mailing alot of these type of promos recently and hand addressing all 50-60 of them is no picnic). I really like my alien tentacle slug monster (for obvious reasons...he ROCKS), and I think he may appear in a few more rock poster esqe illustrations.

Here's another one. The idea for this came from reading an article about how major auto dealers are now releasing the next years model much earlier in an attempt to jump start excitement and sales of there newest cars. In fact this year Daimler Chrysler decided to skip the 2007 model of the Viper entirely and just sell the 2008 version instead. So this sleazy salesman is trying to "Sell the car of the future, TODAY! This ones going to be a promo postcard also, but it's missing some type as you may be able to tell by the emptyness of the left top and left bottom sections.

This next one was a commisioned piece by my cousin Erin. Erin has a holistic massage therapy company in California called SELF CENTERED and she was looking for a unique illustration for her new business cards. This piece shows the seven body chakras starting at the top down. The Crown Chakra, The Knowledge Chakra, The Expressive Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Personality Chakra, The Sexual Chakra and The Root Chakra. (Immpressive that I know these huh? actually I just had to look them up again)

And finally another commisioned piece that a woman from work asked me to work on. It's a gift for a teacher named Manuel Halkais who is a speech and debate teacher at her sons former high school. I was also asked to include the teachers greek heritage and have him speaking at a podium.

I've been doin most of my illustrations digitally and have really improved with my Wacom tablet. I'm missing working with watercolor though and may do some actual painting soon for a change. Hope everyone liked what they saw and I welcome any comments or critiques.