Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Holiday Season

Every year I have big artistic ideas for things like christmas cards and different holiday theme pieces to give away as gifts, but always procrastinate until I only have the time to make one. So this year I haven't been in the holiday mood yet so I wanted to make something that wasn't a Christmas theme and wasn't a snow covered scene, so I decided to just draw what I see this winter in the small wooded area next to my apartment. Leafless trees and flying chirping cardinals.

I also have a couple of other project that I just finished, the first is a poster I'm really proud of because it's for my sister's roller derby team in Gainesville Florida the Gainesville Roller Rebels. My sister Ruby Typhoon #77 is Co-Captain of her team and they are planning on using this as a promotional poster to raise money for the many organizations they support. Go GRR!

The last project was a digital color job for my friend and fellow artist Joe Kuzma. Joe provided the B&W art of The Hulk & Wolverine and I provided the color via Photoshop. Turned out pretty great. Nice job Joe!