Monday, January 30, 2006

E is for Electricity 2 (COLOR REDONE)

I wasn't particularly happy with the results on the coloring for this piece for Illustration Friday a couple weeks ago, so i messed around with the colors till I thought it was an improvement. I'm happier with this one.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Illustration Friday - Cats (or in this case CAT)

This is my Cat Chloe. The topic of Illustration Friday was a perfect excuse to try something different and draw my favorite four legged friend. I did this using Prismacolor pencils on green paper. Comments are welcome!

On a side note I'm amazed at how many people are participating in Illustration Friday now. I actually remember when I could check out almost everyones work and when I'd post I could acutally be in the first 200 or 300. Now I'm in the 700's. Penelope Dullaghan has really created something everyone can enjoy. Check it out

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Illustration Friday- E is For (Electricity)

I'm not really sure why this came to mind when I found out the topic. It represents the idea that there are other resources for energy in the world, and we need to persue them before we run out of natural resources like oil. I'm not sure if the idea fits the illustration exactly but I gave it a shot. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Illustration Friday - Sea (Stella)

UPDATE: Color Version done with watercolor dyes.

Here’s the unfinished B&W. Color coming soon!

So my inspiration for this week came to me from a song called “Stella was a diver and she was always down”. by the band Interpol. From their first album “Turn on the bright lights” (which is a pretty great album). Comments are welcome and always appreciated.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I've been tagged!!

Well, I put the challenge out there to be tagged, and it was answered by Carla at I’m not really sure how many people I’m supposed to tag back (maybe someone could tell me) But here goes. 20 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I lived in Pittsburgh for awhile and went to school at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
2. Before I went to College I wanted to be a film director. (I changed my mind)
3. I have far too many Star Wars related items (toys)
4. I’m slightly Obsessive Compulsive (in college my roomates would mess with me and re-arrange things. It drove me nuts, and they got a good laugh)
5. I can’t cook, but I can grill.
6. I question authority regularly.
7. I get paid as a graphic designer, but I think about being a full time illustrator constantly.
8. I’m underpaid and overworked (yay)
9. Sometimes I make up stupid songs and sing to my cat.
10. I love the movie Anchorman (it makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it)
11. People have told me I remind them of George Costanza from Senfield. I like to think I look more like a combination of Keifer Southerland and Bruce Willis. (this always gets me a laugh from my girlfriend)
12. I’ve never seen the ocean. (although I’m told I was there when I was an infant)
13. Snakes and spiders scare me
14. People are always surprised when they find out I have tattoos.
15. I am constantly listening to, and keeping an ear out for new music (currently I am listening to Minus the Bear, and I’m rediscovering Deftones)
16. I love to play sports but can’t stand to watch them on tv.
17. I like to take my car out and drive way to fast
18. my apartment is haunted by an old man in a bellhop suit, and a little black dog (weird stuff often happens and my sister swears to have seen both ghosts several times)
19. My apartment used to be a hand carved horse drawn hearse company. The part I live in was the storage area for the finished hearses & is big enough to ride bikes, rollerskate, play pool, or have really big parties in.
20. Past jobs I’ve had include.....A Janitor, a grocery bagger, a cemetary groundskeeper, a bicycle assembler, a computer sales person, and currently a graphic designer.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Illustration Friday - Flavor (Flava Flav)

And here is the original Line art.

Yeah Boyyy! It’s Flava Flav! He's so crazy! It’s been several weeks since I’ve participated in Illustration Friday & I gotta say I missed it alot. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Let me know what you think of my illustration!!!

This year Instead of just one resolution, I'm going to try several.

• Paint more often
• Draw in my sketchbook more often
• spend more time outside
• rent more movies
• discover a lot more music
• See every movie that looks good in the theatre
• Go to more art museums & galleries
• Network with more artists & illustrators
• Eat healthier
• Exercise
• Stop procrastinating
• Get a new job
• Win the lottery
• Sleep in
• Take a vacation from...everything!
• Go for walks
• Find more inspiration around me
• Smile more
• Scowl less
• Make the best of every situation
• Make more friends
• Drink more beer (I like beer but don't drink it enough)
• Take my girlfriend on more dates
• Move somewhere cool
• Make lots of money
• Swear less (damn it)

Oh yeah is anyone ever going to tag me with that 20 questions thing? Or am I going to have to be lame and do it on my own?