Thursday, January 05, 2006

Illustration Friday - Flavor (Flava Flav)

And here is the original Line art.

Yeah Boyyy! It’s Flava Flav! He's so crazy! It’s been several weeks since I’ve participated in Illustration Friday & I gotta say I missed it alot. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Let me know what you think of my illustration!!!

This year Instead of just one resolution, I'm going to try several.

• Paint more often
• Draw in my sketchbook more often
• spend more time outside
• rent more movies
• discover a lot more music
• See every movie that looks good in the theatre
• Go to more art museums & galleries
• Network with more artists & illustrators
• Eat healthier
• Exercise
• Stop procrastinating
• Get a new job
• Win the lottery
• Sleep in
• Take a vacation from...everything!
• Go for walks
• Find more inspiration around me
• Smile more
• Scowl less
• Make the best of every situation
• Make more friends
• Drink more beer (I like beer but don't drink it enough)
• Take my girlfriend on more dates
• Move somewhere cool
• Make lots of money
• Swear less (damn it)

Oh yeah is anyone ever going to tag me with that 20 questions thing? Or am I going to have to be lame and do it on my own?


Suzan said...

Love your drawing- excellent lines.
Great resolutions too!!

carla said...

Okay Seth, consider yourself tagged...I've been tagged several times and never managed to tag the right number of people, so... go for it! I love your work, and you certainly manage to show a more positive view of Mr. Flav than I've seen lately. I always enjoy seeing the before and after versions as well...this one's very dynamic. As for your New Year's resolutions...they sound great...all the best to you:>

TXArtcGal said...

Great interpretation of Flava Flav...the illustration isn't for a comic book, but reminds me of one! Awesome!

Holly said...

Wow! Excellent work on the flav! Great list too. Happy new year.