Saturday, March 06, 2010

April Showers of Pain!!!

So I just finished this new roller derby poster for the Gainesville Roller Rebels. I was going for an old school pinup look. And I chose to go with cooler colors because of the "April Showers of Pain" theme and the fact that both teams colors are similar. Gainesville's colors are royal blue & black and the Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls colors are light turquoise & black. I am doing two more of these bout posters for GRR and I was thinking I need to do one with an angrier woman, I like the ones i've done so far, but I think I need to depict them tougher in at least one of these. Because frankly these are some tough women. They are always constantly practicing and working towards getting better. The proof of how hard they play & how dedicated they are can often be seen in the various team photos I've seen. Where there's usually a girl or three with crutches, leg braces and arm casts in every photo. despite their injuries they still wear their uniforms and pose proudly for photos. Although the rules of the game are confusing to me and I haven't actually been able to see my sister (Ruby Typhoon #77)'s team play (because GRR is in Florida & I live in Ohio). I am really proud of my sister and her entire team.
Here's a detailed view of her face.