Monday, June 05, 2006

Illustration Friday - Portrait (MI:3)

It just so happens that I am working on a fun project that fits with this weeks Illustration Friday topic. I was thinking about how I need to work on likenesses, because if I want to get hired by some of the magazines I want to work with, I'll need to be able to draw a pretty decent likeness of anyone. I also am a huge movie geek, for the last couple summers I put off seeing all the movies that I wanted to see in the theatre for various reasons and later regreted it and wished I'd made more of an effort. So this summer I've made a promise to myself. I am going to see all of the movies that interest me, in the comfort of the Theatre on their opening weekends. To go along with this I am going to do several illustrations of my favorites after I see them. So here is my first entry for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 which I thought was one of the best spy action movies that I've ever seen. Better than both of the previous installments combined (and I really enjoy the first one alot). Even though it didn't make as much money at the box office as the studios would have liked I really thought it was completly genius, and I can't wait to see what first time director J.J. Abrams (creator of the tv series ALIAS, and LOST) turns out next. I've also already seen Xmen 3 and the DaVinci Code and started my DaVinci Code illustration last night (I've opted not to do xmen3 because I felt it was not as good as it should have been). So in case you were wondering here is my list of not to miss Summer Blockbuster Movies.....

- Mission Impossible 3 (Fantastic Movie 5 out of 5 Stars)

- The DaVinci Code ( 5 of 5 stars. Another great movie, I was afraid that it would be the occasional Ron Howard bomb, but it was pleasently great!

- X men 3 ( 3 of 5 stars. I enjoyed this movie but felt it didn't have as much heart as the 2nd installment. This movie was made for general audiences not fans of the Xmen comics. Unfortunatly too many storylines were smooshed together leaving the best parts of all the stories out. And the scene at beginning with the Sentinals...why even put a scene in with the towering Sentinals if your not going to at least show them in there 90 foot tall glory.

- Cars ( Another Pixar/Disney slam dunk. I'm not worried about this one, it's pretty much guaranteed to be great.

- Nacho Libre ( Comic genius Jack Black plus Napolean Dynamite Director Jared Hess, School of Rock writer Mike White, and genious musician Beck handling the the scene in the trailer where Jack Black flexes his but cheeks and it makes the whip cracking sound cracks me up everytime I see it (despite the fact that my girlfriend thinks I'm gay for laughing at it)

- Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift ( This one almost didn't make my list, I loved, loved, loved the first one....and wished the 2nd one could have even been close, So I'm hoping that a new storyline and direction by Justin Lin will help. Just one thing though, why the hell is Lil Bow Wow in this? Shouldn't he be at the babysitter?

- Superman Returns ( I'm gonna get teary eyed seeing this in the theatre... Superman 1 and 2 are amazing and the fact that this isn't a reimagining but a homage to the original is fantastic)

- Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ( Enjoyed the first one, this one looks even cooler with all the squidy tetacle looking pirates)

- A Scanner Darkly ( Richard Linklater's unique animated movie of Philip K. Dick's futuristic story about paranoia and the governments war on drugs.

- Lady in the water ( Probably my favorite director ever, M. Night Shyamalan. Even though I didn't really like the village, Unbreakable has to be one of my all time favorite movies)

- Miami Vice ( Ever heard of a guy named Micheal Mann? Well he directed HEAT and COLLATERAL and alot of people don't know this, but he also created Miami Vice...I think this movie as cheesy as it sounds could be kick ass!)

- Talladega Nights: The ballad of Ricky Bobby (Okay this looks hilarious....Plus this is Will Farrel where he belongs. this movie is brought to you by the same people who did Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy....I love the fact that these comedies have really long drawn out titles!

- Clerks 2 ( Kevin Smith has apparently come up with something really great here. I love the rest of his "Jersy" films and the first Clerks holds a special place in my fat little heart...From what I hear the movie premiered last month at the Cannes Film festival and received a wonderful honor after the credits 8 minute standing ovation from the audience...I saw video of this and the audience surrounded Kevin Smith and wife and the actors and clapped for what seemed like forever...and apparently this hardly ever happens either. )


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Very nicely done.

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nice work. i like the comic book style..
not so sure about your taste in film though. haha! ;)

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Nice work!

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I'm sorry I missed this last week! Fantastic job!