Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vampire VS. Slayer

Here is a new comic book inspired panel. I thought a vampire attacking a vampire slayer would sum up all these warm feeling I've been having towards the show True Blood. My girlfriend told me the guy with the stake reminds her of Ken or Ryu from Street Fighter and David Hasslehoff! Is that funny or what?

I do have a small announcement though. I've been working on a new comic book concept for the past several weeks and am very close to starting it. The comic will be a heist story with a monster twist. I will have a tittle soon. and maybe some concepts. I'm still unsure how I will publish this or if it will be b&w or color. This story is really great so I'm more than likely going to have a ball with this. I attempted to do a comic last year, but the concept and story just weren't coming together. But I'm excited!

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