Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BLUE MOON - My new comic!!!

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So after attempting to do this for a few years I've finally started what I think could be a really fun project... an online comic book titled "BLUE MOON."

To describe "BLUE MOON", I would say it's an action packed, scary, monster filled, detective mystery, thriller!

It's really an experiment for me too because I wanted to do something that wasn't exactly formatted like a traditional comic book page, but simply a single horizontal panel at a time (Kinda like a widescreen movie). when 3 of these are completed I can combine them and make a traditionally sized comic page (just in case I plan on getting this published or printed some day).

I also am trying a unique approach with this for the writing, because basically I have a really solid outline of the story in my head, but I will be fleshing out some of the details as I go. This will be a good exercise for me because I'm really good at piecing things together to make something great.

Well, I know it's not much today, just one panel, but I promise you are in for a fun out of control ride with "BLUE MOON"!

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Anonymous said...

This is good but I think some more color content is needed.