Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fisticuffs of March

Here's the newest Gainesville Roller Rebels bout poster I recently finished. I went for a boxing match theme, I think it turned out great.


Christopher Burdett said...

Very cool. I do some of the posters for Tallahassee... ah the small world of the internet! Smaller world, my wife plays on the Jailbreak Betties, though she has taken a leave while she finishes up school. Enjoying the posters! :)

Seth Russell said...

Hey Chris that's pretty cool, it's a small world indeed. I was looking at the Tallahassee website and saw your art there. My sister is co-captain of the Gainesville Roller Rebels, so that's how I got the gig. Funny how things work. Keep in touch.

Christopher Burdett said...

Well, only one of my posters is out so far, the Deja Voodoo. I had forgot to even check if it ever went on their site, and so it has. The ones I am working on for this year are going to be less of a full painting and more graphical. See if I can keep myself from going nuts and doing a full blown painting ;) Looking forward to seeing more of your posters!