Monday, November 23, 2015

A return to purpose

This is my grumpy bunny look. I save it for special occasions like birthdays or when I decide to revive my sleepy old blog.

Hi! It's been awhile since I've posted here. A few years actually. I've contemplated deleting this blog and starting a new one several times, but this once was a place I used a lot. It's kinda special and it helped me get out of a bad art rut I was in for a year or so. My reason and purpose for starting this blog was to show the art I created to the world (or at least the world wide web) and have a reason to make art more often. Thus I named the blog Purpose on Paper. A lot has changed since then. I've gained valuable knowledge about art and life and spent a lot of time honing my skills at both. I got married recently which is the biggest achievement of my life. Having someone who supports my art and interests so fully really is all I could and should ask for. She's amazing.

So I've been itching to write and share a bit more than what regular social media is conducive to (it really is a shame that the short posts on social media are all anyone has the time for). I've got things to say I think. Who will see these is really up to fate to decide. But I think that resurrecting and refreshing this old blog will be just the outlet I need.

So what kind of stuff am I going to talk about? Well... Art or course. My need for artistic expression is a given. Movies and maybe the occasional review. I have an immense amount of useless movie knowledge and a passion for film. I once wanted to be a director. True story. And really (like the header says) anything that is rattling around in my head. And it's a lot. Trust me.


MetalAndLace said...

Can't wait to read anything and everything!!

Seth Russell said...

I'm sure I won't disappoint!

April Lemmon said...

Such great news! Congrats on the revitalization...I'm looking forward to reading more ��